Social scientist Brené Brown has ignited a global conversation on courage, vulnerability, shame, and worthiness.

This week LJECHS speech 1318 students begin their journey of understanding with Rising Strong. 

In order to have interpersonal relationships that don’t simply “function,” but truly work for everyone, we all have do face the idea of being vulnerable. 

“While vulnerability is the birthplace of many of the fulfilling experiences we long for – love, joy, creativity, and trust, to name a few – the process of regaining our emotional footing in the midst of struggle is where our courage is tested and ourvalues are forged.” (p. xviii)

“Hurt doesn’t go away simply because we don’t acknowledge it. In fact, left unchecked, it festers, grows, and leads to behaviors that are completely out of line with whom we want to be, and thinking that can sabotage our relationships and careers.”

Vulnerability is not weakness, it is a strength when applied to lessons on life and as we prepare to embark I am simply excited.


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